2018 Draw and Match Times

**UPDATE** Hello everyone! We have been getting a lot of emails concerning second round play, as of right now (with Potential Rain), if you have a match scheduled past Sunday the time will most likely change. We are working with our new system and have not yet necessarily assigned permanent times for anything further than Monday.. we are working on that today and tomorrow! Thanks for your patience.  Also If you see match on ‘Court 1’ that is Anderson University with ‘Court 2’ being matches at Highland.

2018 marks a special turning point for the Community Hospital Tennis Classic as we move the tournament into the 21st Century.  The tournament is now online!  While we are excited about this new system, but it has not been without it’s challenges, we hope you will be patience with us during this transition.

Below is a link to a webpage where you can access information on ALL brackets (as well as results once matches are completed) if you do not appear in a draw you signed up for please use our “Contact Form” below to email us any issues or questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will also have a more involved Registration process this year so we can add to the system and make your experience with it, and our communications with you, during the tournament better.  So please arrive 30 mins before your first match to allow time for this new process.

We want to Thank all the Players, you make the Community Hospital Anderson Tennis Classic one of the Great Community Tennis Tournaments in the Midwest!!

CHATC Advisory Board

Here is the link to the 2018 Draws => http://www.topdogtennis.com/pages/tournaments/draw.asp?idevent=5132

**A couple of Draws are not complete, please check back they will be up Soon!

Contact Form for Questions or Comments:

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